These Images Shows Massive Differences Between Single Vs. Taken Boy

Every one of us does fall in love once in a lifetime and some of us are lucky to even get in a relationship. We lead two different lives while we are single and while we’re committed. Some people feel that while you are single you have a sense of freedom in life and you can do anything you want. But people who are in a relationship just feel grateful for the fact that they have devoted themselves to someone very special.Everyone has his own opinion but there are some things that change drastically when you get into a relationship.

The Difference In Financial Condition

While you are single and working you can party around wildly and still, you will be able to save money. While you are single you do things as you feel but when you are committed you have to keep your expenses for surprise gifts, weekly dates, monthly gifts etc.

You No Longer Go Out With Your Friends.

Believe me, once you get into a relationship, you dedicate yourself to one person and thus those wild road trips, funky music festivals come to an end. This happens always and it’s not avoidable.

Change In the Way Of Picking Movie Tickets

Well once your relationship status changes from single to taken, you just prefer the corner seats of a cinema hall. Who doesn’t loves to get cozy in the movie theater when no one is watching you.

The Duration Of Phone Calls

The phone calls just last longer than hours and still, you are waiting for the next marathon talk. While you were single the phone calls didn’t even last as long as 10 seconds. This is what we call transition.

Change Of Drinking Habits

While you were single you loved having loads of beers and getting wild at night but now you drink with a standard. You love to sip a bottle of wine amidst candle night.

You Tend To Look More Often Into The Mirror Now

Grooming was never a part of your routine while you were single but now you keep yourself hooked to the mirror and you try to look great at every occasion.

The Definition Of Action Has Changed Now.

Ahm! Ahm! I know I know! This is what people in a relationship consider as action. Action for single people is not too bad though but the taken one is quite exciting.

Now You Know The Women Section Better Than Anyone Else

Well, girls are usually shopaholic and thus you join them at every occasion. Now you know where to find undies and nightgowns for the purpose. You don’t even feel embarrassed to walk across the women section for hours.

Change In Driving Habits

When you love someone you have the responsibility to protect them. The Zig-Zag driver inside you just dies the moment you get into a relationship. You tend to drive slow and long to cherish the beautiful moments.

You Get Picky About Choosing Friends On Facebook

When you get into a relationship you become very picky about your choice of friends on Facebook.

You Now Always Plan For Two People.

The best part of a relationship is to stay together and travel together. You now always plan to travel and explore places together. You start shifting from ‘I’ to ‘We’.