Famous Celebs Who Insured Their Assets For Millions!

Celebrities live a different kind of life and it’s their assets that make them celebrities. Some have goddess-like legs, some have heartwarming vocal chords and some have iconic butts. Well, they are known for them and that is why they take a step to ensure that their assets remain intact.

Taylor Swift

She has insured her legs for a deal of $40 Million

 Cristiano Ronaldo

The star footballer has insured his most important assets; legs for $144 Million.

Jennifer Lopez

She has insured her butt for a whopping $300 Million.

 Mariah Carey

She has purchased body part insurance for her legs worth $1 Billion.

 Julia Roberts

What’s the best thing about her; her smile. Yes, she has insured her smile for $30 Million.

David Beckham

Another footballer on the list and yet another leg insurance worth $70 Million.

America Ferrera

The star has got her smile insured for $10 Million and we know why!

Michael Flatley

You can imagine what body part the dancer would have insured? Yes, he has got his legs insured for $40 million and he knows how much his legs are worth of.

Daniel Craig

Our on James Bond has got his whole body insured for $9.5 Million and why not when you have loads of money you gotta insure yourself.

 Bruce Springsteen

The Rock and Roll legend have insured his vocal chords and we hope nothing happens to him as we love his music.

Kylie Minogue 

The Australian singer, songwriter, and producer have insured her not so iconic butt for $5 Million.

Tina Turner

Although she is 75 years old but she took the leg insurance worth $3.2 million long back and now she plans to go shopping in Milan.

 Jamie Lee Curtis

The actress who is profoundly known for her striptease in 1994 movie True Lies was insured by her company. Thye got her legs insured for $ 2.8 Million


    The R&B/Hip-Hop star has insured one of her body part that is her goddess-like legs for $1 Million.